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Episode 5:

EMFs and the Health of Humanity

In this episode we are here with author Arthur Firstenberg. In his eye opening book "The Invisible Rainbow", he goes through the History of Electricity and how it has been affecting humanity and the planet.

I ask him about how electronics are affecting humanity now and his opinion on health through technology driven environments. He gives his full opinion on this subject, and tells what the most powerful challenging shifts are for bringing the earth into greater health.

The key is to contemplate solutions, and gradually move in a balanced direction. Enjoy the podcast.

Episode 4:

Raising Empowered Children

In this podcast we talk about raising empowered children, and the recent history of schooling in America.Brett Pike has developed massively growing networks of home schoolers and independent learners around the world.

He is the author of the well known Cubs to Bears children's books. Brett is inspiring the online learning community by storm with his Homeschools Connect Community at: www.ClassicalLearner.com

You can also find him on social media by searching

@ClassicalLearner and @CubsToBears

Episode 3:

The Power of Guilds & Trade Economy

The relief and solutions people are looking for is in cooperation. When guilds are created--a rhythm is developed in society, and this is how culture is grown.

With the destruction of cultures worldwide, it is important to bounce back and develop more long lasting structures of community. We will go into detail of different guilds that can be created/gathered and how exchanging of resources can develop a balance in society.

Note: there are many more great trades and guilds that I didn't mention such as midwives, astronomers, shoemakers, computer programmers, leather workers, etcetera. Enjoy this solo podcast with me Ian Iversen as we explore these vital topics of our era.

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Episode 2:

Self-love and Nurturing with JOY

Tune-in with JOY the Faery Godmother. She died 6 times! She is know for how to clear stress in three minutes or less.The first time JOY physically died was at 15 years old. She flew from a cliff on the back of a motorbike wearing a full face helmet and a bikini.

She had 5 more Near Death Experiences in the years to follow. Each time after coming back from death on the doctors table, she was returned with different skills and abilities to help people.

In this podcast, JOY decodes and explains Self-Love and Nurturing in a way that when applied--can help transform your life in a profound upgrade.After the podcast, you can grow and learn directly with her through www.experiencejoy.com

Episode 1:

Our Connection with Nature

In this episode we explore:

Our purpose in nature, the seeming disconnection from nature, and what we can do to start integrating with nature.

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