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Our Connection With Nature

December 10, 20224 min read

Our Connection With Nature

1. Food and Living

 One of the main topics in nature connection is our food. How we eat food connects us with our environment. We have various resources for food: restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets, growing food at home, or even harvesting food in the wild! This is all very empowering to learn, because more direct food sources help reduce energy usage and waist in the world; it may be much healthier as well. To learn more about this food question, there’s a great book by Michael Pollan called The Omnivore’s Dilemma. In the book, Micheal goes over the industrial production of corn. He shows how we use corn for fillers in a large amount of our processed food at supermarkets. The 180 degree shift is his next visit to a farm to table community. This is based around one or many farms that locally provide for the community. One of the main topics in this journey is quality of “organic” certified food. A happy-medium for most people looking to improve their food is the organic section at the store. The idea of organic can vary depending on where you are. A lot of people will actually just see the word organic and want to buy it, but some organic is just a label. The walmart organic is not the same organic as the organic you find at the farmers market. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is providing insight into how we can make healthier food choices for our life and the ecosystems of the planet.

2. The Seasons

Festivals and Holidays are observances, ways that we can align with the season and notice what is happening around us in nature and in the world. In religious organizations throughout history these were called sabbaths or sabbats, a word that is derived from the number seven. Usually there’s four quarter festivals and four cross-quarter festivals of rest and celebration. To learn about these seasonal holidays, I recommend the book called Sabbats Almanac by Lewellyn. Every year, there is a new Sabbats Almanac, and as you know the book applies to any religion throughout the year because the almanac is showing different times of the year of the two solstices and and two equinoxes that all cultures celebrate. These celebrations will bring us closer to our world around us and it’ll actually bring our communities closer together, because we all are experiencing the seasonal change. This book shows good ways to get into the movement aligned with the seasons.

3. Nature Art and The Stars

Our connection with nature and the stars is this is basically how we create art and archetypes in nature. We see cycles and similarities, and that is artful. So the stars being a giant connect the dots tablet is the most recurring theme of all art through history. The stars show mathematical constants, and the cycles of stars and planets show when many plants grow. We create constellations with the stars that forms an art imprint of knowledge. Each constellation is connected to anatomy, psychology, spiritual development, and even musical temperaments. To understand where the constellations actually are and how to see them, there’s a great book called Find The Constellations by Hans Augusto Ray. He is also the person who create the book Curious George which a lot of us know. Find The Constellations is actually a children’s book yet great for all ages, because it helps you find the stars in the sky in a simple and practical way. H. A. Ray helps you through his book find what constellations are in the sky during certain times of the year. This helps with understanding where we’re at in the cosmos, where we’re at on our planet, and this will shed light on our spiritual practices around the world, because the constellations are the stories that religion emphasize. Get in the know, and Find The Constellations.

4. Conclusion

All around the world this is going to give us a deeper connection with nature. I recommend these three books: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Sabbats Almanac, and Find The Constellations which will give a good foundation to create a deeper nature connection. These are very simple books to help you observe the world around you with the tools of our ancestors. Go into observation mode, get into quiet listening, listen to yourself and the world around you. Listen to the world around you about your food, the seasons and the stars. The more that we tap into Nature the more we feel connected in this human cosmic dance, this harmonious orchestra of life. You feel within–that we are not alone, we are together, and we are informed about our surroundings. We live in a big and beautiful world! Thank You for Connecting with Nature.

Ian Iversen

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